Hope Mutual donates to Building Hope Capital Campaign

In honor of its upcoming 125th anniversary, Hope Mutual Insurance Company of Tyler has committed $25,000 to the Building Hope Capital Campaign for Avera Cancer Institute Marshall. The new cancer center will provide radiation therapy, enhanced chemotherapy services, surgery, pharmacy, dietitian consultation, home medical equipment, onsite CT and MRI. The center will be incorporated into the existing Avera Marshall campus.

“Donating to the Building Hope Capital Campaign is a great way for us to celebrate 125 years in business. It is a lasting gift that will continue to give to community members for years to come,” said Cilla Hughes, manager of Hope Mutual. “Currently, cancer patients in our area have to travel nearly two hours for treatment. Avera Cancer Institute Marshall will keep them a lot closer to home.”

Incorporated in November 1980, the company was named after its location in Hope Township. Hope Mutual provides farm and home insurance products through independent agents. Hope Mutual currently serves policyholders in 20 counties throughout southwest Minnesota, a region the American Cancer Society claims has some of the highest rates of colon, rectal, cervical, breast, and prostate cancer in the state.

“We’re glad to be partnering in building hope for people who need cancer treatment,” said Hughes. “Providing hope to our neighbors is an important part of our heritage as a township mutual insurance company. Whether we are providing peace of mind by insuring property or by settling a claim after a loss, hope is more than our name – it’s a legacy we’re proud to continue for nearly 125 years.”

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